The Idea – More Transparency in Research

To keep up with the dynamics of today’s lives and working for a more transparent approach to cultural anthropological fieldwork I will experiment with this blogging during active research as a mix of general information about daily life in Myanmar, diary & fieldwork notes and hopefully your feedback!
Maybe this is gonna backfire on me – but I’ll give it a try anyway.

The major challenges I have identified so far are:

1) Sharing information while protecting privacy – where to draw the line?

2) Receiving your feedback and start discussions – without losing my own way.

3) Transcending the typical time & space secludedness of fieldwork – chances of opening doors as well as risking closing them.

4) Maybe you can follow my research thoughts and results better – or I hand you the material to criticize or even rip it apart. This may extend to me as a person if I am quite unlucky…In a way this means I put myself out there as well (having first doubts now 😀)

5) Having the courage to close this down if it fails – and the nerves to identify the why.

Already ideas on this one in general? Let me know!


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