Self-Censorship and Secrets

To fulfill the idea of transparency, it needs to be added that some issues are excluded from being passed on absolutely transparent.

Myanmar is in a state of transition, which means the government has not yet been installed although the elections have been conducted in November and the legal situation has thus not significantly changed either. So I will not disclose related matters, neither facts that can sound too critical nor my own opinion on these. I also don’t think it is necessary for this blog, I just wish to be clear about its limitations in terms of transparency.

Another point is that it is professional business networks and competition between the weaving stores I visit. Several of these links I can understand now, but I am asked not to publish them (kind of clear anyway) – and I wouldn’t do any other place either.

And if you don't censor yourself - maybe your computer helps on that 🙂 still working on a solution how to save myanma font in Word

Self-Censorship and Secrets

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