The Sunflower Gallery in Yangon

This gallery is one of my favorite places in Yangon! Where else to find a jewel like this Acheik silk fabric in all natural dye?! This is the most beautiful and artful piece I have found so far!

Acheik silk fabric in natural dye

The owner Daw Phyu Ei Thein is not just doing a fantastic job in running this textile gallery with fabrics and products of high quality from all areas of Myanmar – she also follows the concept of a social enterprise. Her aim is the promotion of sustainability at all stages of the production – e.g. by using natural dyes and paying a stable salary to the weavers she works with – in contrast to the usual wage per piece.


And on top she is a super lovely and knowledgeable person! I would like to give back some of her support in connecting me with others in my particular research area in this form.

You can find the Gallery at:
Sanchaung, Yangon
Shangone St (near the junction Dhammazedi & U Wisara)
No.54, 1st floor

The Sunflower Gallery in Yangon

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