Unexpectedly I Land amidst my Field

Through mutual friends I got to know a monk who called me yesterday, so that I spontaneously visited today. I expected to learn more about Buddhism and monastic schools. Instead I learned about his fascinating drive to establish a school beyond the local notions of a school, including more than demanded by the regular curriculum and emphasizing English training, so I was able to easily talk to all the teachers working there as well.

I heard that he comes from a village where weaving is one source of income. Thus I happily agreed to visit it, too. But also here I was surprised to find myself in a village strongly influenced by exactly the kind of weaving that I study. With his excellent translation abilities we managed to receive so much further leading contacts, clues and ideas that I now write this instead of facing the amount of new knowledge that I should right away document in my field notes…


But the motorbike rides take their toll and my concentration won’t suffice this activity.  My sleeping rhythm has meanwhile adjusted to the myanma daily routine so I will do this in the early morning instead.


On our way back from the village, the monk on the mototaxi in front of me – in the background Sagaing Hills.

Unexpectedly I Land amidst my Field

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